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Sketchbook →

A series of eight vertical video art pieces
These works explore the often contradictory spiritual desires of today,
while foregrounding the radical political demands for a postcapitalist
or post-work future. Like the studies done in one's physical sketchbook,
they are meant to capture quick digital inspiration. First presented as
Instagram stories, these works often include some form of promotional
bent for DoNotResearch.net or a physical exhibition by the artist.

Choose Your Future: Green New Workfare →

Fiction piece
A short story about the not so unlikely future of a Green New Workfare.
Commission for artist Joshua Citarella, as part of Choose Your Future,
"KW Institute for Contemporary Art Digital: Open Secret."


Video 7:06 min
A gang of boys set out in search of true freedom, turning their backs to
society's enclosures.

folk politics →

Installation shots
Installation shots of “Folk Politics," featuring four handmade puppets,
small statuettes, and projected video.

License to Hunt & Skin Net Artists →

Sample license with artist's signature
I received a microgrant to mint and notarize licenses for the
Hunting & Skinning of Net Artists.