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: ⸬ abluepusz@gmail.com
instagram: @abbeypusz

b. 1999, Brooklyn
Abbey Pusz is currently based in Baltimore, MD &
founding member of Do Not Research. She served as co-director from 2020-22.

2021    BFA in Visual Arts, Purchase College, State University of New York

2022    Istanbul 74, Random Forest organized by Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe,
        Istanbul, Turkey
2022    Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, The Influencing Machine,
        curated by Aaron Moulton, Warsaw, Poland
2022    Lower Cavity, Do Not Research, a physical exhibition of work from the
        online community and publishing platform, Holyoke, MA
2021    KW Institute for Contemmporary Art Digital: Open Secret, curated by
        Nadim Samman and as part of Joshua Citarella's "Choose Your Future"
2021    The Richard and Dolly Maas gallery, Unmute Yourselves,
        Spring 2021 School of Art and Design senior award winners, Purchase, NY
2021    Purchase College, Folk Politics, a senior thesis show, Purchase, NY
2021    Quaran.tv Fest, online video art festival
2020    STP.world, BFA Show 2020, online exhibition
2019    Jacob Burns Film Center, Frameworks, a juried student exhibition of
        video art, Pleasantville, NY
2019    Forum Art Space, ;From Our Family to Yours, a junior sculpture show,
        Purchase, NY
2023    NYU Tisch School of the Arts, guest speaker to the class of
        '24 Masters in Interactive Telecommunications
2022    Unsound Festival, "The Post Internet Artists", Kraków, PL
2022    Museums Without Walls,"Para-Academia, Post-Disciplinary Communities,
        and Networked Scholarship," online
2022    Rhizome with The New Museum, "Do Not Research Book Launch," NYC
2021    NN Contemporary, "Memes and mapping of political subcultures," online
2021    Odd Cafe, "Keyboard Language," online
2021    Trust x Do Not Research, "Portal Reading", online

Selected Press
2023    Ben Davis, Artnet, What I’m Looking at: Racy Paper-Cuts From China,
        a Video-Essay Takedown of Decentraland and

        Other Stuff at the Edge of Art
2023    Gunseli Yalcinkaya, Dazed, The Manic American Humanist Show explores
        life on the US political fringes

2022    Aaron K Moulton, print publication, The Influencing Machine
2021    Joshua Citarella, Spike Magazine, Do We Need New Platforms for New Stories?

2023    The Manic American Humanist Show at Public Works Administration, NYC

Selected Publications
2022    Rhizome Blog, Documentation of the Do Not Research Book Launch

2022    Unsound Festival, Virtual Artist Residency
2022    Lower Cavity, Holyoke, MA