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License to Hunt & Skin Net Artits

I received a microgrant to mint and notarize licenses for the Hunting &
Skinning of Net Artists. For a small fee I will append your signature to
the document. You can present it to any park ranger or game law enforcement
officer as proof of authorization. Only valid in the United States.

The hunting and skinning of the digital avant garde can compare only to
the rich economy of fur-trapping in early settler America. Europeans started
their participation in the North American fur trade from the initial period
of their colonization of the Americas onward. The trade reached the peak
of its economic importance in the 19th century. In its decline, fox, beaver,
raccoon, muskrat and marten pelts were stored in freeport containers
overseas. In today's market, Net Artist pelts fetch large sums.

So many centuries later we are still frontiering, though not the same as
those who came before us. I strongly believe that the impossible may yet
again become possible.